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An evening with friends

August 30, 2008

Sean was back in town for a few days or was it weeks, so after numerous heartbreaking, nervous wrecking coordination(on Leni’s part only, the rest of us just waited lah), we finally met up last night for dinner at Tambuah Mas at Marina Square.

He was in his usual ‘verbally-abusive’ self and he called us “smelly terpine(spelling)” every now and then, and everyone at the dinner except Rae. We later adjourned to his apartment (or rather his friend, whom he described as dirty French man) in prestigious Leonie Hill. As we walked towards the car park in Marina Square, I was looking out for a cool and modern looking, European car. I mean, that’s what I had imagine Sean would drive but When Bobby pointed out Sean’s car to us, his try-to-be-cool exterior melted into nothingness, to me at least. It only melted even more when he turned on his car engines. Here’s a big guy who talks and laugh in a super loud voice; driving a mini-van and had Don Moen crooning in his speakers….sigh….but that’s our Sean.

We spent the next 1.5hours playing Scrabble on his laptop, using a disk which he picked up somewhere. What luck, it was such a good disc and Leni & Bobby were persuading him to pass them a copy, to which, he said ‘hur hur hur”. 

There were several humourous comments/conversation throughout the night, but the best was this.

Hubba: You can do ‘Tit”.

Sean: Yeah, I know.

Hubba: It means breast.

Sean:Smelly Terpine, I know lah! Walau!

Bob: Is it? I didn’t know that.

Leni and I burst out laughing and Sean went “Walua!”

Picture (left to right)
The gang; after we took this pix from the passenger seat in Sean’s Orange van, he said “Walua, what was that(the flash)” and that got him worried for a good 10mins, because we told him running the amble light is now illegal in Singapore wahahahah(we were called smelly terpine again after that);the view of the city from the 24th floor; the pool downstairs (after I took this pix, Sean tried to scare me by pushing me forward and he roared with laughter, which sent Rae running into the hall); the wine, the laptop and the yummy Orange Cranberry Cake from Cedele (which we bought along the way).

Although he was the host (in a way), Bobby was the one serving everyone including Sean, drinks/cut the cake, cleared the glasses. Sean just kept saying “go, go help yourself.” sigh…..

We had a good time and Leni and I were extremly happy that Sean brought us luncheon meat back from Shanghai; the Maling brand no less! Shortly after we bid him farewell close to midnight, Sean sent us a text “Missing you guys already”……..
I’m sure he knows we are missing him already too.


Extended lunch

August 27, 2008

Ruth and I went to Raffles Place to run some office errands, and to have lunch. We did some little errands and went to one of the shops which I frequent on a regular basis. And we proceeded to buy the entire shop. We hogged the fitting room for so long, eventually, the shop assistant asked if I mind letting one of her patrons use my room (LOL)!

I like the selection in that shop as the clothes are nice, not too expensive and most importantly, they usually would have only 2-3 pieces of each design only. So chances of running into someone wearing the same outfit is low.

Adding to my wardrobe a pretty satin, brown A-line skirt, a straight-cut grey/brown pants (which needs some alterations) and a white top with a rather low cut back.  I am happy. For now.

“When are you going to heaven?”

August 25, 2008

W’ve been having this conversation since I told her about deaths, I can’t remember why the topic came up.

Rae: Are you going to heaven when you die?
Me: I hope so.                                                                                                                                  

Rae: Are you going tomorrow?

Me: No.

Rae: How about the day after?

Me:mmm…preferably not. Why?

Rae: Nothing. I’m just worried that if you go to heaven these few days, what will happen to me?

Me: Papa will look after you. Don’t have to worry about such things, ok?

Rae: But papa won’t walk home from school, and sing with me on the way home like you do. He will forget to wash my uniform and he don’t know how to tie my hair.

Me:Mmmmm….you just have to tell him what you want and how to do things the way I do them for you.

Rae: sigh…..and he will make me drink Milo so much I’d have many ulcers.

Me: Well, its your life and you have to learn to speak up for yourself if you really don’t want things that people offer you.

Rae: can you please tell God to take you to heaven when I am a big girl?

I feel so important after this conversation with my little daughter.

The swim, the determination and now the pain

August 25, 2008

Decided against my better judgement,I braved the icy cold water and did my laps today after work. Had in mind to take it slow and steady since I’ve missed swim the whole of last week, and also with my not-quite-recovered neck. It was tough to take it slow as I started getting bored while in my fourth lap and had great intentions to get out of the horrible cold water. Then, the stubborn part of me insisted that since I’ve already made the effort to be home early, prepared dinner in the morning before work, bit my lips and got through 4 laps already. What’s another six laps?

When I first got out of the pool, my neck and left shoulder felt numb. I thought the pain is gone as water exercise is known to be therapeutic for injuries. I was wrong, so wrong that I am now paying the price of being stubborn. The stiff neck returned with a vengeance!

Looks like I’d have to skip swim again for the next few days at least, got to go get myself a nice, hot water bottle now and take another two muscle relaxant pills.

The weekend

August 24, 2008

We ended up not going to the Fireworks show at the floating stage last night, the sky decided to pour while we were getting change (it was only spitting then). So we did what we usually do on Fridays, go have dinner at TP and return our videos for new ones. I felt sad that we didn’t go to the fireworks but with a kid, standing in the rain is no child’s play and I really don’t want her to suffer the consequence.

To make the weekend even worse, I woke up with a slight neck ache which eventually escalated into a  major neck strain. I can’t turn my head to the left and every now and then, there would a aching sensation which tightens my neck and left shoulder. When that happens, I would freeze no matter where/what. Bathing was an issue and so is changing in and out of clothes. Rae has been such a sweet heart, she helped me with my changing, combed my hair, arranged my pillows, put the clothes in the laundry basket etc. She even gave me two sessions of hand massages, melts my heart.

This morning, Hubba gave me two painkillers cum muscle relaxant which helped. The downside is , it makes me drowsy and so Hubba had to entertain Rae while I napped. Usually I don’t feel so bad about leaving him to entertain Rae, but because he was rushing to mark a few stacks of exam scripts this weekend; I felt awful. I still have the aches now and a hot water bottle stuck on my neck to relive the pain. Sure hope it goes away soon. Preferably before I leave for work tomorrow.

Protected: Favouritism

August 23, 2008

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