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Grand Prix and Rae

September 29, 2008

Don’t know where Rae caught it from, but she’s been asking to watch the race. So we oblige and last night as we all plonked ourselves in bed watching the first night race, the following conversation took place:

Me: I am rooting for Lewis.H because he’s so cute, and papa for Kimi.R. What about you?                            

Rae: (running to the tv and pointing to the car leading): This one!

Me: Why?

Rae: Because he’s the first car, he WILL win!

We were secretly glad that Rae fell asleep at 8.45pm, otherwise she’d be so disappointed. Too bad, darling. F.Massa lost because Ferrari’s technical skills are still not quite up to mark.


Another manic Monday

September 29, 2008


Okay, my brains are officially fried. 

A night of scrapping and girlie talks

September 29, 2008

Carol signed us up for a layout class last Friday and this is one of my fave lo for the night. Or rather, this is the only one that I managed to complete, the other 2 are still in-progress.

As we both rushed down to the class from work, there was literally no time for dinner so through the class, we both took turns to zonk out. Its really tough to concentrate with a tummy that’s doing the orchestra! And once the class was over, we zipped out in record time and headed straight to Lido for KFC, as Carol was craving for that, the whole day! Of course, her very sweet hubby came to pick up us in his sports car much to my dismay. And I shamelessly told Carol before hopping onto the car ( with many jealous looks from the long line of people who were queuing for cabs!) “can you please tell him to drive the Benz next time when giving me a lift?” Carol laughed out loud at my request.  This time, I had no Angeline around to cushion the ride and the chicken from KFC threatened a few times to come out to say hello! I was so scared that I would throw up in their car so I kept looking out of the window to distract myself. Of course that was not the wisest thing to do as all I saw was how fast we were going and how close we were to the bends and other vehicles!

The office blessing

September 28, 2008

Finally after 3 weeks of planning and preparations, the office blessing cum celebration ended on a high note yesterday. 

The food was wonderful and I am so glad I made the decision to go them instead of a random caterer. Everyone at the party commented that the food was tasty and almost everyone asked for the contact. That of course made The Boss very happy and even her husband who is a food connoisseur in his own rights, gave me the thumbs on choice of caterer. 

Lily and her husband led in the office cleansing which was so dynamic and Holy Spirit filled. Both husband and wife really sang well too. Then as the guests started to stream in, the ladies from Dayspring began the worship. It was all fun and joyous as they led everyone is songs of worship and praise, along with their tambourines and pretty streamers! The guests joined in the celebration too and some danced along!

At the end of the party with just 2 of The Boss’s friends left behind, Ruth and I collapsed into our chairs and didn’t speak for a good 15mins. We were so exhausted both from the socialising with guests and the running around. It was a party for 50 people with just the efforts of both of us. The Boss had left everything to us (except the wine which her husband took care of) from the coordination of DaySpring ladies to lead the worship to the invitation to the caterer to the decoration of the place to the gifts for guests, you get the drift. Amidst all that mad rush, Ruth even prepared a presentation slide of the three phrases of the company.  Guests were very amused to see a photo of me when I was 22 (phase 2)!

The Boss thanked us for our efforts and complimented us on a job well done towards the end of the party. Although we are very happy that everyone had a good time, both Ruth and I are just glad that this is over and we can now move on with our jobs on hand for the business. It will be another 2 weeks of cruising for Ruth so she’s very kindly took over all of the post-party efforts (sending thank you cards to everyone) so that I can work triple the speed on my preview this coming Friday! I can look forward to no-swim for the week, preparing very simple dinners for family as I will probably be staying in the office later then usual and likely lose some weight as I tend to forget lunch when I am busy.

 Stealing a moment of peace in the very nicely done up toliet in our office. The Orchid in the photo is a gift from me and Ruth to The Boss (she’s finally gotten the highest professional recognision in the image consulting industry, you will be hearing more about it in the press when we start our PR launch for this in the very near future).

A gloomy, rainy day

September 26, 2008

I just got into the office! Its unbelievable, I spent a grand 1.5hours on the road! I could have reached Bintan by ferry and checked into the hotel!

Whatever bad things that can happen on the road, happened this morning, all on the one straight road that leads from my house to my office. A fallen tree, an over-turned car, a broken down bus, you name it, we’ve got it!

Not only did I missed my skype conference, I walked into the office with my stomach in my throat and I looked pale, according to the guards downstairs. The first thing Caroline said to me (she called and asked “where are you?!” because I didn’t respond to her emails and smses this morning and she was worried) after I told her what happened. She said “Go get a sour plum, you feel motion sickness right?” My heart melted, such a sweet friend!

I hate rainy days. It causes traffic jams on the road, makes my shoes wet, dirty water drips on my hair and face, causes tress to collapse and makes me depressed.

Taking a picture of you,

September 26, 2008

taking a picture of me.