Surprise Birthday dinner

My best pals threw me a surprise birthday dinner, I had suspected when they mentioned going for dinner at PS Cafe located at Dempsey Road. We usually have quite normal fare unless there’s an occasion such as Christmas, new year and birthdays. But for some reasons it slipped my mind through dinner, and only recalled when the waiters surrounded our table holding a yummy, Chocolate Blackout cake with a lighted candle. And they sang the birthday song for me! I was so amused as this is the first time I’ve had waiters singing the song for me!


Food was great, service was impeccable except that they won’t let us change to the other table which was bigger, ambience was romantic with soft lighting and smelt of fresh Tiger Lilies(two giant bunches of them were placed at the counter in a very big and tall vase). I was so stuffed to my nose despite having skipped lunch, but still made myself ate a mouthful of my birthday cake which was totally yummlicious!

I feel blessed and loved and really thankful for great friends like them!


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2 Responses to “Surprise Birthday dinner”

  1. kei Says:

    hey. happy belated bday! i’m so sorry it slipped my mind AGAIN. shucks. i just can’t seem 2 remember anybody’s bday, just fyi, i 4get mine sometimes too. anyway, hope all ur wishes come true! 🙂

  2. Valencia Says:


    actually my birthday is still some time away!
    We ceebrated earlier as Bob is scheduled for his wisdom extraction this week.
    Anyhow, thanks for your early birthday wishes;-)

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