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“Super hero? Super hero no more?”

October 21, 2008

Two weeks ago:

Rae: Papa you are my super hero!

Papa: Really? Why?

Rae: You are not scared of cockroaches and you catch them very fast!

Papa smiling ear to ear.

Rae went around asking mummy, my aunt if they are afraid of roaches for days after that, and she would ‘rate’ them by their answers. Of course, I would fall under the “coward” category.

Then, sometime end last week, with Rae throwing a tantrum in the toilet:

Papa: You need to brush your teeth and go to sleep now. Tomorrow we need to get up early for school.

Rae: No!

Papa:Ehh! don’t be naughty!

Rae:(Crying) I don’t let you be my super hero anymore!

I was closed to tears trying to conceal my laughter outside. Sheese, like that also can! Hubba’s ego must have been so bruised.


Time to go smell some flowers!

October 20, 2008

Took urgent leave today. Nothing urgent honestly, just that we decided that Rae should be kept at home ie more tv programmes for her and take it easy, since she’s just recovered from her viral fever as well as throat infection.

Did some work while she napped, or rather did some work even when she wasn’t napping. She’s such a good girl. We had breakfast after which, Rae entertained herself with drawing, playing with her dolly while I surf the net. No noise, no fuss and not attention seeking at all! I am so blessed. But I am still so tired. Need to go smell some flowers.

Waiting for Hubba to come home soon so that I can go for my swim. I need to wake my senses and stiff limbs!!

Conversation with Rae

October 18, 2008

At the Video  EZ shop some weeks ago, we were both admiring the hair length of the shop assistant who was helping us with out check out:

Rae: Mama, Teacher C’s hair is as long as hers(pointing to the shop assistant)                                               Me: Wow, really? I didn’t notice that.                                                                                                                  Rae: You know, Teacher C has a VERY very loud voice, especially when she is angry.                                   Me: Does she shout at the children?
Rae:( with very big eyes) of course! And its very very loud. (pausing) Even louder than you when you are angry with me.                                                                                                                                             
Me: Ok. point taken.                                                                                                                                     Rae: Really, mama! When Teacher C shouts, its even louder than you when you shout at me and papa!

By which time, everyone within ear shot were stealing glances at me…and right at that moment, I remember vividly that I was trying to recall that saying…something about the floor opening up and swallowing me up. And how I could relate to that term and the desperation of vanishing into thin air.

Is it lunch time already?

October 17, 2008

I was late for work. As it is already, I start work half an hour later then my one and only colleague and The Boss. And I was late today. The moment I got in to the office, made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my notes (actually there were no notes, I didn’t had time to prepare for this meeting at all!) and sat down. I don’t know how I managed but I did, The Boss was happy with the presentation and didn’t seem to realised that I was not at all prepared. The next time I looked at my watch, it was already 1pm!

Rae was still running a fever this morning, and because I have a scheduled meeting this morning, Hubba very nicely offered to take Rae to the Doc. My aunt and uncle then took over after that.

My aunt just called as Rae woke from her nap and has been crying for me. My heart just broke into a million pieces hearing her cry over the phone and wanting me to be there to hold her. Ohhhh..the agony of work-mums!

Hubba is working late tonight, so I am thinking of doing something special with Rae, like taking a night walk around the estate or just sit by the pool and look at the moon and stars. She really enjoys that every now and then, just being with me and the bigger draw would be watching the stars with her binoculars.

Where is the weekend already??!

She’s hot!

October 16, 2008

My little daughter is hot, literally, hot. Because she’s running a temperature.

I had to attend a Validation seminar yesterday and there’s no way I could get out of it, the Hubba had a early 8am lecture which, obviously, he can’t wiggle out of either. I don’t know where and what gave me the courage to say to him “Go ahead, I will think of something.” This was 7.45am yesterday. Rae was already dressed in her uniform and they were both getting ready to leave. Good thing for tradition goodbye-hugs which Rae and I practise, because that was how I realised she had fever.

Made a call to my aunt who stays across the road, but she’s got her appointments planned out for the day. Called Mummy and thank goodness she was free to help out. So, Rae and I braved the morning crowd and got on a very crowded bus, and travelled bumpily. By the time I got in to the office, almost everyone was there already. Made myself a super strong coffee and just sat down to rest my mind.

The first part of the seminar went by in a blur and I was getting anxious about what to say later during the debrief with the boss. I was so not concentrating! During break, I called mummy who assured me that Rae’s fever seems to have been gone and she’s fine.

Had to cancelled her violin class and play date with Antoine today. Feel so bad for everyone as I know the kids have been looking forward to meeting up and Jenny postpone her initial plans for today’s play date. But as a mum, she understand and wasn’t upset at all. Phew….

Fever is still hovering but Rae seems normal and still happy. No signs of cough, flu or tummy upsets so I think this might just be a growth spurt. Racking my brains now about what to do tomorrow if she’s still unwell. Might just call my aunt again and hope she can help out tomorrow.

I am so tired, woke up in the night to check on Rae and haven’t stopped pottering around the house and tending to her since last night. To make it worst, I have a meeting first thing tomorrow morning, which I am not prepared for at all for.

Its such days and times, that I really miss my days of being a full-time Stay-home mum. Having to lug a sick child around, makes me feel really bad. Not being able to just stay home and look after her myself, makes me feel lousy as a mum. But life has to go on, whining about it will not make any difference. I still have to go to work tomorrow because the meeting can’t be cancelled again.

Now I have to go prepare dinner while Rae is napping so that I can be with her fully when she wakes later.

W…i….d….e… Angle lens

October 16, 2008

This would make a really, yummy Christmas pressie. Anyone listening? hehehehe