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Birthday playdate with her best friend

November 30, 2008


They played for 3 hours straight at this tiny-with-just-one-flimsy-slide play area located within the Japanese Marche-theme restaurant.  The hats they wore are made by Rae the night before, and she calls them “farmer’s hats”.

Poor Rae got really sick that night.


Thank you

November 29, 2008

Thank you folks for all your well wishes, and those who have been sms-ing/calling and msn-ing me to ask about Rae. And to remind me to look after myself as well.

Rae is now much, much better with the occasional throaty coughs which I am quite determine to get rid of. Hubba went Tangs to get his Lacoste shirts on Thursday and got Rae a bottle of very expensive Manuka Honey (UMF20+). She doesn’t like the taste and would threaten to spit them out, which makes Hubbavery anxious. He would rush up to her when she puts a tissue over her mouth and would ‘warn’ her about spitting the honey out. Quite funny to watch them actually.

We are finally going to have her birthday luncheon with my other in-law family tomorrow at The Wine Company. Hubba came home with a Canele cake, which looked really tiny. He even added another tier onto the tiny cake just so that all 10 people at lunch tomorrow can have a tiny slice. The cake better redeem itself by being really yummy, otherwise at the price he paid for the tiny cake, I would boycott the cafe, for good.

Birthday celebrations

November 29, 2008


Cupcakes that I baked for her mini-celebration in school


Class photo


Cake that I bought for her to celebrate with In-lawsafter the popiah dinner.

Of stomach flu, throat infection and bronchitis

November 26, 2008

I’ve been really busy since my last post, not with happy celebrations but nursing my little daughter. Family luncheon was postponed and so was our own birthday meal with her.

It all started after her first birthday celebration with Antoine, she vomited that night. Developed fever the next day, but we went ahead to have her mini-party in school then went straight to the doctor. He prescribed her some tummy medicine and sent us home with his diagnosis of Stomach flu. Fever persisted and then cough started and didn’t subside till Sunday. In-between, poor Rae’s been ‘merlion-ing’ tons and tons of phlegm. And she’s really grumpy and unkind, Hubba thinks its due to the irritation and tiredness. I guess he’s right but am sure scared that this trait will remain even after she gets well.

Hubba took her to the doc again on Sunday and this time, he gave her antiobiotics for Throat infection.

We went to the doctor again last night, half way through our dinner. This time we went to the clinic near our place as her usual doctor was not on duty. The ‘new’ doctor lokked really really young and reminded me of my Boss’s elder son. Anyhow, he took a considerably long time listening to her lungs. I stood stiff watching him, fearing the worst. Well, I was reading the article outside his office on Pnuemmacocal. 

When he finally looked up from listening to Rae’s lungs, he declared she now has Bronchitis. I tired to control myself, but the longer the Doctor stared in my eye, explaining the situation, the weaker my ability to stop the tears. Before long, I had to stepped away to get tissue and he diverted his attention to Hubba, who looked shocked too.  We asked a string of question and he answered them quite professionally and I must say, he was assuring as he tried to ally our fears and even managed to smile while explaining what Bronchitis is.  I do appreciate his kind words and effort but I thought his last sentence was a little weird “Don’t worry, Bronchitis is very normal.” Gee would SARS be declared very normal too in the near future? I wonder.

Feeling extreamly tired as we’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to attend to Rae, coping with her grumpiness, racking my brains on what to give her as meal.  Being ill has turned Rae into a major TV addict. She’s been watching cartoon since 7.45am this morning and its now 10.3oam. I guess that’s the only thing she has energy for now and the only thing that keeps her happy.

I can’t wait for her to get well and be normal soon.

Busy busy week ahead

November 19, 2008

Let’s see:

Wednesday ~ facial after work
Thursday ~ Rae’s first birthday celebration for this year and its gonna be with non other then her best friend,Antoine. The plan is to meet after her violin class to have lunch, fool around and irritate other patrons and wait staff at the restaurant. Head to Singapore Flyer as its Rae’s fave place this moment, then off to have some cakes so Antoine can serenade her with “happy birthday’ song. Note:Have to clock in my laps when we get home.
Friday ~ I will be busy baking about 25 cupcakes to bring to her school during tea time. Since this year we are not having any parties at home, I don’t mind having to bake for all her teachers in school as requested by the birthday girl. Note:Have to clock in my laps, in the morning before the massive baking begins.
Saturday:Rae’s actual date of birth. Have to think of where to go for nice breakfast (I am thinking Graze or PS), followed by Disney show. Hubba will be taking Rae to the show as per last 2 years, so I’d grab the time to have a cuppa and shop for Titi’s (my 8 year old cousin) birthday present. Go for a nice dinner and get a cake for Rae.
Sunday : Church followed by Rae’s birthday lunch at The Wine Company at Dempsey Road with Mummy, grands and Ah Ee and family. I will be baking and bringing a cake for Rae and will add Titi’s name to it. Their birthdays are just 2 days apart! It’d be so fun, just imagine Uncle and niece celebrating together. Then there’s the dreaded dinner…and I am not looking forward to it….(btw, thanks for your advice and kind words about the situation. You know who you are and know that I love you)
Monday :Will be spending the morning with Rae as her school will be closed for two days. Luckily for us, my trustee Auntie will be helping to babysit Rae in the afternoon and the next day. I can’t take anymore leave till the training in December kicks off. My head will roll quite far if anything goes wrong for this training. Very stressed. The Boss is totally hands-off this time so I am the bao-all, from marketing the course, registration, collection of fees, attending to the notes, stationary, tea-break items, case models, shopping venue, transportation when we need to travel out of the office etc etc etc……Ok snap out of it! The fave thing on my friends’ lips these days is “don’t grumble, be thankful you have a job!” Its true so I am quite determine to not complaint, not too much at least.

So, if you don’t get to read any new posts here for the next few days, you know why.

Note:Must dutifully clock in my laps no matter how tired I am. DO NOT WANT TO EXPAND HORIZONTALLY FROM ALL THE CAKES THAT WE’D BE EATING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!


November 17, 2008


Started on this after 10 laps at the pool, 20mins of mindless chatting with the neighbour while soaking in the pool, 1 big pack of chicken rice from my fave chicken rice store near church, 1 big glass of water, 1 snoring Hubba nearby, no toilet break. Timed myself again and am pleased to report that I completed this under 2 hours. Good job!