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Of nightmares and dinner

February 28, 2009

Ok, this is old story but I just want to share it.

I’ve been getting weird, non-nonsensical dreams ever since Hubba and I discussed about bring so-&-sofor birthday dinner. Its been set for this Saturday and so I think the nightmares will continue till then. I try not to think about it much, and seriously have not been sparing too much thoughts on it. I even called to make reservations!

I think its just something that my mind have been so attuned to react negatively that despite all my will power and seemingly bo-chapness, overrides that discomfort and displeasure of such meetings.

I will be going to the dinner in my super power suit and killer heels because I’ve been ‘roped’ in to be at the international Conference this Saturday. The Boss has specifically said “its very important as you will be meeting the who’s-who in the industry. So its imperative that you dress to impress.” Aiyor, I have to dash off for my baptism class at 2pm all the way at Henderson! How to dash in that sort of get-up?



February 27, 2009

I’ve been so busy, I promise one could also see bubbles coming out of my head listing a long to-do list!

Since the Boss is the President of an group, I’ve been roped in to help out by forced. So, as you read this now, I am doing a super boliao job of invigilating a group of adults sitting for a test. And will be at it for 5 hours!!

The best part is, the entire committee didn’t realised that with such a weird exam timing, we, the invigilators would have to go hungry! That is until I pointed it out to the Boss,  who then panicked. I was mainly concern for my poor tummy which I know would be growling, if not fed by a certain time.  So much for detailed planning! It only took me 10 seconds to notice that on their very detailed memo.

He is her hero

February 27, 2009

no matter what he says or do.

Papa: (was talking about a very old and not-funny-anymore joke)
Me: Aiyor, your jokes are so dated!(before I could finish my sentence)
Rae:(threw her head back and laughed) ohhh papa, you make me laugh, always!
Papa:(rushing over to hug her) hohhoooo thank you, thank you!

Sigh………I think I’d have to live with corny jokes and over-rated humor for a long time to come.

Star wars

February 27, 2009

Super hilarious! Chanced upon it while mindlessly surfing the net.
(Turn up the volume)


February 27, 2009


February 26, 2009
Appetitiser of Salmon, spinach and olive bread

Appetiser of Salmon, spinach and olive bread

His main course of tender-melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks

His main course of tender-melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks

My main dish ~ healthy sea bass with couscous and rockets

My main dish ~ healthy sea bass with couscous and rockets

Dessert ~ crem bulee

Dessert ~ creme bulee

Ice cream with macroons, toasted almond chips

Ice cream with macroons, toasted almond chips

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on the 21st Feb. Our actual solemnisation was on the 20th and had a huge tea reception, and we had the church blessing ceremony cum dinner on teh 21st, 9 years ago. So it didn’t really matter which day we celebrated.

This year, we went to Au Petit Salut at Dempsey Hill for lunch which Rae spent the day at mummy’s. Halfway through appetizers, Hubba texted me “With a watch like this, one’d would think he knows the proper way to eat the bread.” He was referring to the guy with an expensive watch next to us, and true enough, he really didn’t conduct himself very well throughout the lunch.  It also proved that Hubba is always looking at other people’s watch!

Lunch was good and filling that we could’nt eat much during dinner that night which we had with mummy, mama and grandpa.

Hubba had the snails for started and was really yummy, but I didn’t managed a photo.