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I can now make kites!

May 29, 2009

Rae’s school organised an event yesterday where parents were invited to participate ~ kite making-cum-flying. Rae had requested that I come some 2 weeks ago when she found out about this event, and so despite not wanting to be under the super hot sun, I went.

My first attempt failed miserably but Rae and her friend, Charlotte (whose parents couldn’t make it and so she along with two other girls were ‘assigned’ to me) were very supportive in that they didn’t complain or grumble about the kite, and instead, flying it happily and was running all over the stadium.

After about 30mins of watching the girls trying to ‘launch’ the kite, I felt really, really bad and thus decided that they deserve my best efforts and so I tried my hands at it again. Phew! my second attempt worked and it flew beautifully! I was drenched from the heat and feeling really sticky and icky but I persisted and made two lovely kites for Rae and Charlotte.

While I was making the second kite, EC who was sitting a step above me and have been watching me, asked:
EC: RaeAnne mummy, can you also make one for me, pls?
Me: Where’s yours?
EC: (came down to my step and helped me with the scotch tape) I dont’ have one.
Me: Really? Then what have you been doing since we got here?
EC: Nothing.
I felt so sorie for him, his parent’s couldn’t make it and I guess the teachers must have overlooked that he wasn’t attended to for the past 45mins. Poor chap! Of course, I coulnd’t say no so we worked together to make one, when I handed him the ktie, he was all smiles and gave me a hug! Such is the simple joy of little children and I really miss working with them.

After we got home, Rae was unpacking her bag and I busy with dinner. Rae stood at the kitchen door for a while and smiled at me when I turn to look at her. “Mama, thank you for coming and making the kite with me. I had so much fun!”

Later that night, Hubba asked Rae about the event and whose kite flew the highest. Rae’s reply moved me to bits “Mine!” Of course, we all know its not the truth but to her, it didn’t matter that the kite was not the best and that some parts were tearing; she was just very happy that I made it with her and her friends.

All the perspiration, chipping my newly manicured nails and darkening of my dark spots were well worth the time and effort. Nothing beats spending quality time with my daughter, and making other kids’ day while at it. Ahhh I am happy.

It would make me even happier if I can afford the treatments at the Dermatologist whom I went to see earlier yesterday. *hint hint*


Weekend that started earlier

May 26, 2009

Last week was like a super long weekend for Rae as she only attended school for the first three days of the week.

On Thursday, we met up with sis after Rae’s violin class for lunch, walkabout and tea. Rae loves my sis to bits and would be holding her hands and chatting with her the whole time. She even went into the changing room with sis whenever she tries on an outfit.

On Friday, school was closed for staff training and so I arranged for a playdate with one of her classmate, A, who lives just across the road. The girls had fun and A’s grandma was so happy to have Rae over as the girls were entertaining themselves the whole day with no trouble at all.


On Saturday and Sunday, we checked into the Gallery Hotel for the weekend, as it was part of my baptism class( I took the opportunity to book a room to myself so that Hubba and Rae can come along too). This time, I arranged for a play date for her with Antoine as he stays just across the hotel. I was a little worried at first, but felt totally relieved when Jenny sms-ed me to say kids are fine and told me just enjoy my class (so sweet of her!) Then we met up with them for a short while before we were due for dinner at the hotel.  During that short 30mins, little C made us laughed so much! She’s just such a rough cutie pie. The way she was pushing her toy pram, we all joked that if it was a real baby, he or she would have vomited tons! And she simply adores Rae and calls her “Anne” and on Sunday when Rae went over again briefly, she tried to stop Rae from leaving her house!

Upon reaching home at 3ish on Sunday, Hubba brought Rae down to the pool for a dip as the weather was just too terrible to bear with.

On all 4 days, Rae skipped her afternoon nap and as a result, she had disturb sleeps for all 4 nights……

I think I am feeling lethargic because of the interrupted sleeps as well.

Pamper me-time

May 20, 2009

So, finally I went to try out the Medical peel and I2PL treatment at SkinLab at Wheelock. Despite Hubba and Carol’s attempts to dissuade me from going, I must admit I was really looking forward to the experience.

Its quite different from Lennard Drake where I’ve been going for the last 2 years, SkinLab emits a clinic feel with all-white furnishings/white uniforms for the beauticians/blue rays as lights. The gown is thicker as if it has more thread counts, blanket is cosier and the bed is wider. It feels first class.

My treatment started with a relaxing but firm head and shoulder massage, followed by cleansing and then Iris (the beautician assigned to me) put a thick layer of gel on my face. She then walked me through what she’s going to do in sequence : apply a 20% (in strength) peel and will leave it on for the next 3 minutes, I should feel a tingling and itchy sensation. A cold pad is then applied continuously for the next  5 minutes, this is to reduce any redness that might be caused from the peel. Iris then proceeded to do a light extraction, her techniques were feather-like! For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed extraction.

Next up was the the I2PL. It was a little scary as the light emitted was quite bright (imagine lightning right in your face), when applied one can feel a tingle of electricity shock and a slight burnt smell. Iris explained that unlike the old IPL treatments, the new I2PL eliminates several rays of unnecessary lights and thus reduced the danger of this treatment. I was also told that the next few days, my pigmentation will turn brown and slowly fade away. And the result would be brighter, more even and clearer skin. Whooaa! I sure am looking forward to that.  A thick, creamy mask was then applied to my face and I was left to rest for about 10minutes before Iris returned and gave me another lovely massage.

The verdict? I enjoyed the whole treatment and am (at this point) happy with the result as my foundation seems to stay on longer, and my face seems brighter and hasn’t been oily since I left home this morning. 

Will I take the package? Hmmm not at this point as its really expensive  (we are talking about close to 5 figure sum for 20 sessions). But I am not ruling out a return trip as I do see results and I truly enjoyed the treatment. 

Meanwhile, its back to Lennard Drake till I finish the credits that I still have there.

‘The best thing that ever could have happened’

May 20, 2009

Monday night’s Desperate Housewives was one touching espisode, although it seems out of place withthis entire season’s flow; a little fragmented sort of feeling. But nice.

We can all do with a little reminder to be nice to others, offering help or simply a listening ear.

Weird dreams

May 19, 2009

I’ve been getting strange, bits and pieces of weird dreams since last week.

In one dream, Ruth was back working with us and she took over  Boss’s table. Ruth was no longer nice  (in my dreams lah), she was calculative and refused to help me with some stuff. In another dream, I dreamt that Boss put me into a shoe box (see? weird right?) and stacked the box (with me in it) in a very very tall cupboard, in a very tiny, dark and wet room. The room is in old, tall building situated next to a temple along a train track. I was calling for help but no one could hear me, and in one scene, Hubba came into the room but left without helping me.

I think I am stressed over the fact that I have less then half of the targeted enrollment for our July course to be held in Hong Kong. I seriously hope that I will not break the record (not enough students for us to go HK to train).

Random qoute

May 18, 2009

Time waits for no man. Time heals all wounds. All any of us can want, is more time. Time to stand up. Time to grow up. Time to let go. ~ Meredith Gray