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Annual violin concert

June 28, 2009
I am a proud mama! Rae held her own so well today, coping fine without me or Hubba by her side in a room full of big children/some parents, basically a chaotic room and she knows no one except the teacher (who was running in and out of the backstage). I couldn’t sit still while waiting at the concert hall thus as soon as mummy and mama turned up, and were seated. I rushed to the backstage to check on Rae. She was her usual self ~ quiet, well behaved, holding on to her violin. She looked really angelic in her white gown, white shoes with lacy socks, two long pony tails and a quiet, unassuming demure. My little girl….. I snapped some photos of her and sneaked out quietly.
We waited patiently for Rae’s turn and when she was finally led out to the stage, I wanted to cry…seriously, it felt really nice to my little girl on stage (yeah, I know, this is not her first performance). Rae spotted us in the audience, waved and gave us a big (closed mouth) smile, arranged her dress and waited for the cue to start. Rae did well in her group performance of “Its a small world” and “La Cucaracha” (the cockroach), and did the right up bow at the right note!  Hubba picked her from backstage after her performance and we stayed throughout the concert (most families left after their kids have performed) with Rae.
To celebrate, Hubba had made reservations for dinner at Charcoal as I wanted to try the place and also because Fish and Chips was on the menu, its Rae’s fave food. Food was ok but service was wondeful and attentive, well, the servie staff and even the cooks are all students from SHATEC on attachment,  so I suppose they are all very eager to please (not that I am complaining).
For some strange reasons, we didn’t managed to take any photos of Rae with performaning or a posed photo with her violin (of course we recorded her performance). So, here’s some post-concert photos to share….
All ready for her fave ~ Fish & Chips

All ready for her fave ~ Fish & Chips

All smiles and tucked into her food promptly and gleefully

All smiles and tucked into her food promptly and gleefully

My F&C which I couldn't finish

My F&C which I couldn't finish



A post-dinner photo to show off her pretty white dress
  A post-dinner photo to show off her pretty white dress

Violin concert and BBQ

June 27, 2009

While Hubba and I are excited about Rae’s violin concert later this afternoon, Rae is excited about wearing her new pretty, white gown!

Its pouring cats and dogs now, sure hope it will stop before its time for us to go to the venue. Hubba and I are going to bring Rae (and MIL and mama) to Charcoal for Fish & Chips after the concert as a celebration.

Then, we will have to start our preparations for the BBQ tomorrow……busy busy busy…..(as Hubba said thank God we have Leni and Bobby to help us out). We had no intentions of having a BBQ so soon after our last, but because I had put Hubba through a lot of trouble(and rushing because I was being rushed) to book the pit for a friend. I had no heart to let his efforts go to waste (and mine as I had to rush home in time to make the payment for the pit at the management office which closes at 6pm) so took it upon myself to make full use of the booking. Despite all that, I think we will have fun as with all other BBQs that we had.

Her first dental visit

June 26, 2009

With much trepidation, Hubba and I brought Rae to the dentist today.  Its her first visit and mine in years, I wasn’t sure if I was worried for her or for myself, honestly. 

Dr Ong (who is my boss’s husband) was all smiles and greeted Rae first when he entered the room and Rae who is quite familiar with him,smiled and waved.  I had recommended Dr Ong to Jenny who had nice things to say about the way he was with Antoine, and how Antoine went through the whole process without any fear. So, we were quite certain that Rae would be fine too. We started with mine so Hubba can walk Rae through the process and also so that she knows what to expect. When it was her turn, Rae promptly removed her shoe(something she does whenever she gets on a chair or bed,even when we are outside) and laid down with a big grin on her face. Dr Ong ran the roller brush on her finger so she knows the sensation, and showed her the suction that would suck out her saliva while cleaning. Asked for her permission before he proceeded.  The whole process took less then 5mins and Rae got off the chair, smiling and feeling her teeth with her tongue. Dr Ong presented a bag with two jiggyly doll-pens to Rae and commended her bravery. As he was the her first dentist, we requested for a photo to which Dr Ong obliged with a smile.  


At one point when he was showing Rae the equipments, Dr Ong noticed how cold Rae’s hand was, held it in his hands to try warming it. I knew it in my heart that Rae is really in good hands *smile* While waiting for Hubba to finish, Rae made a thank you card for Dr Ong.

Dancing at the reception while waiting for Hubba

Dancing at the reception while waiting for Hubba

DSCF0018(B)We ended the outing with 2 scoops of ice cream of her choice at HD and three scoops for ourselves….we deserve a reward ourselves too!

Met an Angel today

June 24, 2009

The bus driver was, I suspect, zonking out while on his rounds this morning. He made a bad mistake of making a terribly wrong turn onto the expressway when he should have made a turn.

I had noticed that he wasn’t sifting out to the outer lane when he should to go straight, and when he made a turn, I thought to myself “Did I board the wrong bus?”. The bus driver obviously woke up after making the turn and slowed the bus to a crawl, and I think he was panicking. I mean, I would too if I were him,imagine a bus load full of office worker who are going  to be late for work. These people can be nasty too, you know?

An elderly lady immediately took charge and guided the bus drive (and his busload full of people) onto Sixth Avenue and finally back to the original route (just two bus stops shy). I was very impressed with the old lady not with her ability to direct the way but that she was calm (for her age), fast to react (got up from her seat almost immediately after she realised the wrong turn) and generous.  I took the longer way of alighting and walked to the front of the bus where she was:

V: I just wanted to say thank you (smile)
OL:You are most welcome. Otherwise we would be lost!
V:Have a good day ahead!
OL: You too, young lady.

She was my angel today. If not for her, my poor legs would collapse from the roundabouts because I had no seat and have been standing, I would be sooo late for work and that would have messed up all my schedules. And I would be in such foul mood! But because of her, I got in office on time and everything that needs to be done were done on time. If I see her again on the bus, I would be sure to smile at her again.


June 23, 2009

Received a piece of bad news from a dear friend, and I feel blah-ed out after that…..

Update: received positive news and hopeful now:-)

Happy Father’s Day

June 21, 2009