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Ion, Bak Kwas and such

July 31, 2009

July 2009 007

That’s Rae sitting on a ‘chair’ that was placed at B4 of Ion. I had to convince her that it was meant for sitting.  We were there right after her violin class and went straight for lunch at The Soup Spoon where we shared a grande Minestrone.  After walking and exploring some shops, we decided to go locate Jerry’s Bak Kwa shop within Ion.  Hubba and I bumped into Jerre last Sunday while shopping at Ion, and he wanted some feedback on his latest outlet but we didn’t managed to find it that day.  Rae was given a small piece to try and then we made our choice to get the traditional flavour. Just as I thought it was ‘safe’ to pay, I asked the stall assistant where Jerre was, he then pointed outside and got Jerre’s attention; who came running in and stopped the cashier from taking my money. Passed the bag of bak kwa into my hands and turned to ask Rae if she would like some pork floss as well. I felt bad but he ‘reminded’ me that he still ‘owed’ me the sweet meats. We chatted for a bit and he showed me several photos of his little princess whom he lovingly referred to as “rascalette” (female version of a rascal). 

With a posh location in upmarket Ion, a tiny but comfy little outlet with nice, warm yellow lights and gold as its main decor colour. The traditional bak kwa business has since taken on a whole new look , from its classy look right down to the neat and oil-free packaging.  The best part of it all, the sweet meat retained its traditionally bits-burnt but fragrant taste! Simply heavenly and worth every extra calories consumed.  Bravo to Jerre for all his efforts in modernising a traditional  family business!


Random rants and such

July 30, 2009

Its been a while and my dear friend dropped some hints over our daily MSN that I must have been really tired, because my blog is so neglected. Yeah, I’ve been tired and lazy mostly, really.

Anyhow, this Saturday is the last session of our PWC class and I am already starting to miss the gathering. Not that I know any of them very well or have any sort of contact with them other then the 2 hour class. I guess its a sense of familiarity or the routine that I am going to miss,for a while.

Jenny and family are away in dreamy France and have since sms-ed me twice. Once to congratulate Rae’s confirmed place in a school of our choice(first choice, in fact!), and then another sms to ask me for name of a skincare that she’s going to try to source for me….such a sweet friend. I don’t think I even remembered to sms any of my friends to ask if they wanted a certain thing from the country that I was in.Sigh…….

Carol and I have been a bit nasty and short with each other because its almost that time of the month. But we still love each other and will be making plans to meet next week for girlie night out.

Going to be super busy again….twice a week at 6.30pm for the next (at least) 3months, I will be seated in a red, hot automatic car bearing the super big “L” label, and taking instructions from a certain Mr Tan. Mr Tan has promised that this ordeal will end before the end of the year after I told him that it is imperative that I get that laminated piece of paper, because I am the designated chauffeur to the green-dot girl come January. So wish me luck!

Work sucked. Ok, work didn’t suck but the unfair treatment at work sucked, big time. There were so many truths and words that were at the tip of my tongue, but I held back and not said a word. Refusing to bring any of that unhappiness home, I prayed relentlessly on my way home and am thankful that He heard me; for miraculously, the burden was lifted off my mind and the heaviness off my shoulders. I didn’t feel tired nor irritable but instead, I wore a smile and had tons of energy to chat with Rae, happily.

Went into office today and told myself that He is my provider,my strength and my pillar. He is my boss. Prayed for peace and strength to be professional. And once again, God came through for me as I went through the day without anymore unhappiness, missing darts and arrows. I can so do this with His help! The next thing that I am going to strive for is to cut off any emotional feelings and just be professional about everything. I will not make any more small talks, show concern nor go the extra mile. I will do my job, and will continue to do it well. Nothing more, nothing less. And I need to make it a point to not allow meetings to be scheduled at 4.30pm or beyond. That is the time that I finish work and I will start to leave on the dot. I will not feel bad about taking that one day off from work to just do my errands or be with Rae because her school is closed for whatever reasons. I will not plan my family holidays around training schedules or their schedules, because I don’t have to and I no longer want to. In short, its about work only from now on.

Looking forward to my day with Rae tomorrow where we will explore Ion (I’ve already been there last Sunday with Hubba and bought myself a top), have a nice lunch and will likily come home to bake. Rae loveos baking and we can certainly do with some sweet desserts at home.

Ok, that about sumed up all that’s been happening in my life since my last entry. Well, maybe not, we did had more fun then just all that above. Like when we went to Marina Barrage to try to fly a kite which did fly but Rae didn’t enjoy it. Instead, she was more interested in getting herself soaking wet at the water playground below.And she ended up wearing my spare tee (like a dress on her) because I didn’t bring her a set of change. Oh, and we went out for dinner at The Soup restuarant as a celebration (the P1 thing lah), on a week night, which is really a treat for me (because I cook every day of every week day). Yes, I cook almost every day and house chores are spread throughout the week. Oh yes, we are going to be staying at the Oriental Hotel for the National Day weekend! Yippeeee…..fullfilling our promise to Rae (made last year) to see the fireworks live. It better not rain on that day…..

Phase 2B ~ a test of patience and of faith

July 21, 2009

The mama took some time off work this morning, got lost looking for the exit at the MRT station due to the massive, fast-moving morning crowd, got too fluster to think properly to realise that if she had cut herself some slack and get a nice coffee and waited 10mins, her cab fare would have been cheaper by S$4.00. Alas, all were forgotten when she got to the school, got her temperature taken, and was guided to the hall by a courteous and joyful security guard. As she sat like a waiting duck along with a few other hopeful parents, she imagined her precious little daughter in the white and green pinafold uniform, walking in that lush green and calm school compound, of her little daughter fostering meaningful friendships with the other girls who will cross her path who will come from all walks of life, of her precious little daughter learning the word of God while attending the weekly service with her classmates. All that positive thoughts brought a smile to her face, the mum next to her turned to face her and must have wondered why she smiled.

She waits now till Wednesday for the results. She waits and will continue to try to be patient and not stressed over the outcome. She will be still and know that He is GOD.

The ladies who lunch (except that no photos were taken of the actual ladies this time)

July 21, 2009
The feast of Nasi briyani, Kuay chap, porky soup with all its insides and creamy Teh teraks which are not in the picture

The feast of Nasi briyani, Kuay chap, porky soup with all its insides and creamy Teh teraks which are not in the picture

Met with Angeline and Carol for lunch today at Raffles City, and the above dishes were shared between Carol and me. We must have been really hungry but it was quite good and I enjoyed the company loads, especially since we’ve not caught up with Angeline for a good 6 months at least!

I ate so much, by the time I sat down in front of my pc at work, my eye lids felt like they weigh ten tons!

Makan Sunday

July 20, 2009
My main course ~ Salted duck egg and tiger prawns linguine

My main course ~ Salted duck egg and tiger prawns linguine

Rae and her Wild Rocket adult size burger which was totally out of this world!
Rae and her Wild Rocket adult size burger which was totally out of this world!
Special order that was fullfilled (this dessert is not on the menu so you'd have to ask for it)

Special order that was fulfilled (this dessert is not on the menu so you'd have to ask for it)

Hubba's Strawberry chesscake

Hubba's Strawberry cheesecake

We had lunch for the birthday people (Ah e, her hubby and my mil) at Wild Rocket on Sunday. It was as usual filled with laughter and joy. And I got my long-delayed baptism present from Ah e, a pair of very very nice diamond earrings! I was and am still thrilled to bits.

After lunch, Rae requested to spend the rest of the day with mummy, who happily obliged. Thus, Hubba and I had about 4 hours to ourselves before heading to dinner at the Grassroot club for Peking duck. Hubba had very sweetly made reservations to bring us there as PD is one of my all time fave food item. Since mummy was sending Rae home, we invited her to join us and we spoke briefly about me and Rae making a trip to Canada with her in September (to help make arrangements for grandaunt whose husband passed away a week ago, return to Singapore).

The yummy peking duck which I wolfed down more then half, all by myself!

The yummy Peking duck which I wolfed down more then half, all by myself!


July 17, 2009

Brought Rae to Jenny’s today for play date today after her violin class at Forum, and boy, was it fun!

First up, little Chloe came running towards me to give me a welcome hug when we first got there, followed by a nice lunch of pizzas, then the whole afternoon of watching ‘cartoon’. By cartoon, I meant the kids playing. Its was just pure joy and super hilarious to watch them play, watch how ragged and garung little Chloe is.  In some play through the afternoon, Rae could not bring herself to join in because the brother and sister went mad and was really over the top with their spinning/screaming(in joy) and rough play. She just looked on at them with a smile on her face and only join in when she feels ‘safe’ hahahhhaha 

I had great fun too, just spending time with a good friend and watching our kids play harmoniously. As usual, time spent with Jenny is often rejuventing and comforting, and almost all the time, I leave with a good feeling about myself. Jenny has a way to make problems seems minuate, and can always identify with my fears and worries which makes me feel human and normal. As I’ve always said, I sincerely dread the day Jenny and family moves away from Singapore. Sure hope that day won’t be too soon.