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Up in 3D

August 23, 2009

We brought Rae to her maiden movie experience and are glad that she enjoyed the show, I was a little apprehensive at first as movies are very different from plays or musicals which Rae is very familiar with, the sounds are much louder and visual is much nearer, my little darling is kinda timid thus my worry.But, it was all unfounded. She sat at the edge of her seat, or rather, her booster seat and was totally glued to the screen. She wasn’t very comfortable with the 3D glasses though and took it off a few times. Had to keep reminding her not to do that as the images were not very clear in a 3D setting.

I enjoyed the storyline and nearly teared at a few scenes. In the story, the main character had set aside his interest and life goals due to mundane needs of life, but when he lost his wife whom he loves deeply, he lost himself too.  Eventually he found the strength to go on to pursue his life interest, and how a little boy made him realised what was really important in life. It got me thinking if I’ve pursued my interest and life goals, I guess in terms of careers, I have been adventurous and have tried most that I wanted to (teaching/image consulting/training/healthcare/advertising/publishing). I’ve always been keen to try out as a Shadow Teacher but I think that might be a bit challenging given that I’m not special needs trained, and honestly, I don’t think I can manage taking up a course now, brain cells are quite dead at this age.hehehehe


Ergonomical tables and chairs

August 21, 2009

I set foot into the “Crosscom” located at Forum this morning while Rae was in her violin class. My intentions were to find out the prices and choices of the ergonomic bags for Rae to use next year. One thing led to another and soon I was sold! Not just the bags but the table, chairs and even the great table lamp!

I loved how the table is made to tilt at an ankle that suits the needs of a growing child, it’s supposed to tilt so that when reading/writing/drawing, the child will not need to bend her head which will then cause neck and back aches, not only that, it causes bad lighting as well. The chairs are made such that both the seat as well as the back rest are adjustable, at a precise level (according to human spine), plus a wheel lock to prevent slipping, a seat lock to prevent the child from turning side to side. The table lamp is clamp onto the table, movable and is of non-flickering rays, and the light spreads out evenly to the whole big table and causes no glares whatsoever. The best part of the product? They are made to grow with the user, its plain design is not just suitable for any study rooms, it will also never grow out of fashion with the kid.
I am putting a hold on my initial plan for my carpenter to custom make Rae’s study table and cupboards on the L-shaped wall in her room. Seriously considering getting this set of great furniture, and we’d get an additional 15% discount for the school bag if purchases are made on the same day and exceeds a certain amount.

I am excited!


August 20, 2009

My 10th wedding anniversary gift from Hubba is now 4K cheaper, all thanks to the fall of COE of cars! 

We are so blessed! All that’s left now is for me to pass my driving and we are all set for next year….hopefully, I’d remain blessed and favoured by the Lord especially on the test day.Fingers and toes crossed!

Reflections of her worry and my lack of sensitivity

August 19, 2009
Her questions : Is there a bookshop to buy pencils? and Is there enough time to eat my lunch?

Her questions : Is there a bookshop to buy pencils? and Is there enough time to eat my lunch?

Shown here: Hands turned up and mouth down ~ no pencils so very sad

Shown here: Hands turned up and mouth down ~ no pencils so very sad

Drawn here: didnt have enough time to chow down her food, so another sad face

Drawn here: didn't have enough time to chow down her food, so another sad face

Rae loves drawing/doodling/writing/making lovely cards for people that she loves and sometimes, she just wants to make them and stick them up her walls or my already-no-space-left fridge door. All her drawings would have bright colors, with smiling faces of people (usually the family) in a garden filled with taller-then-human plants and flowers, surrounded by butterflies/birds with smiling faces. So when she came home with this today, my heart ached a little and wondered if I had been too harshed with her over her slowness in understanding money matters, and my threats of how she’s have to go to class hungry whenever she eats too slowly. I am genuinely worried about her being in P1 next year. Technically, she’s still 5 now and will only turn 6 in end of November. And in less then 1,5 months, she will be expected to carry out activities that a 7 year old is expected to do. How not to be worried? Rae is naturally a very gentle, soft spoken as well as soft hearted little girl who can’t even bear to fight back when she’s bullied (like the evil twins in her class who have been pretending to be careless and bumping or walking right into her!). When we told her she has to fight back if the other party does not stop despite her telling them to, she replied “But if I kick them back, it would hurt them and also I would get scolding.” It’s nice to know that she isn’t revengeful or evil, but sometimes I really wish she would just be vengeful and evil. I have that streak in me, how come didn’t get passed down to her has always frazzled me. It’s almost like a joke!

Anyhow, we are planning to create more exposure in terms of life expereinces for her from now on, and hope she would be at least, a little more ‘toughen’ up by Jan next year. I don’t really know what to do but I guess, like how we’ve managed to come this far in this parenting journey (and haven’t got thrown in jail or got sued yet), we can also cross this hurdle as a family. Top priority now is help Rae ‘erase’ that turned down mouth in her drawing above.

The girls who cried at “The boy who cried wolf”

August 19, 2009
All dressed up for the play "The boy who cried wolf' with her little girlfriends, and mums in-tow

All dressed up for the play "The boy who cried wolf' with her little girlfriends, and mums in-tow

One of the little sheeps sitting in the audience

One of the little sheeps sitting in the audience

We went to watch the play at DBS Arts centre last Saturday with S and Angelina from her kindy. Grabbed some lunch at Bakerzinc and proceeded to the theatre.

The play was really quite good and the cast could really sing, and I personally enjoyed the good interactive method they’ve chosen to make. As it was a Saturday, the crowd was mainly mums with kids, whole family and a handful of expats living in that vicinity. Its definitely much more pleasant than the week day crowd where we’ve kanna a whole group of  children from a local chain of childcare centre. They have got the worst manners ever and totally spoils the show with their inappropriate jokes at the wrong time.

Anyway, Rae broke into tears (as usual) when the show came to a not so pleasant part, i.e. the wolf putting the wool sheeps one by one into his big pot for cooking them. She would heave a sign of heartache and a tear would fall, with every sheep dropped. Honestly, P(mum of S & Angelina) and I found it quite amusing to watch her and Angelina getting all upset by the play……

We spent the rest of the day at Vivocity’s playground (where Rae wayang-ed) and the water play area in the open space. When we ended the play date to go for our dinner with our respective families, Rae and Angelina were both too tired already. But it was quite interesting getting to know P a little more, in a more relaxed environment and I’ve learnt lots from her on what we can do to help Rae ease into P1 next year (S who is Angelina’s elder sis is now in P1).

The day I got my heart scanned!

August 18, 2009

The Boss made the appointment and gave me orders to leave work at 330pm today….to see her husband’s cardiologist…after I told her about my tightness in chest over the weekend.

Dr Alfred Cheng, is a tall man with a English accent and great personality. He was professional yet assuring and comforting in his ways. He was very certain (within the first 5 seconds he met me) that we should not have anything to worry about (about me having heart problems). But to be sure, he ordered a series of tests….

~ Heart scan:”just like how they scan your baby. Its not intrusive and painless” True enough and it was quite weird to hear my frog-like heartbeat over the speakers. I haven’t enough guts to look at the scan on the pc though.

~ ECG: ahh the usual

~ Treadmill: Had tons of wires taped on me, the blood pressure machine strapped on my arm. Wore the tiniest tee they could find, which was still still over-sized (a 10 year old Terry Fox run t-shirt which looked really new) and had to do a double knot on the huge running shoe, to prevent it from slipping. Dr Cheng came in at the last part of my jog and was really amazed to see me jogging without breathlessness and told me to have fun. Even the nurses were impressed and told me that some younger man who came earlier, couldn’t even manage the brisk walk mode!

At the end of the torture session, Dr Cheng sat me down to explain the reports. I don’t have heart attack(contrary to what I had believed), in fact, I have a very strong heart with no blockage whatsoever (no heart attacks for sure!) and my heart valves are working fine. In fact, I don’t even fit thinly through the profile of high risk people. He prescibled me ….”ta dang’ gastric pills!!!!! Good thing the company is paying for it,otherwise I would feel even worst (apart from feeling like an air head) after listening to his diagnosis.

Anyhow, at least I got my heart checked. I’ve always harbour thoughts, especially when I go jogging or late at night, that my heart might just give way and I’d never open my eyes to see my daughter again. So that’s one thing down, but I still need to get to the roots of the tightness in my chest and irregular heart beats every now and then. Detailed blood test is up next!