Phew…don’t have to go Canada with MIL anymore…..I was getting sleepless nights just thinking about the 25hours’s journey (including transits) and managing Rae alone on board the plane, was seriously, super daunting!

So with that out-of-the-way, we started to plan our getaway. With the help of my two girlfriends, I managed to get very good hotel rates for our trip to Hong Kong in December and air tickets have been booked (by Hubba)!

As I’ve never really gone on a such a short family vacation (6 nights), I shared my concerned about not knowing how to maximise and pack the days so that Rae gets to see her things and visit theme parks, while Hubba and I can still get some shopping done. Being the trustee shopper-holic that she is, Carol started to send me link (which included address and maps) of restaurants/places of interest that we should see and within a day, we managed to consolidate 3 pages full of such information. Now all we have to do is to sit down and decide where to go when!

Very exciting just looking at the list and it would be so nice to spend Christmas in a cold country (winter in HK in Dec). I am already looking forward to having our Christmas dinner at the Victoria Peak , taking nice, long strolls at the Ocean Park, taking rides at Disney, visiting Noah’s Ark….and of course, Shopping!!!!

Can’t wait!


2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Pris Says:

    hi val, just dun go to disneyland/ocean park on xmas eve or day, it’s a disaster.

    take it from a dumb-dumb who did just that last year!

    meanwhile, enjoy…., esp the shopping đŸ™‚

  2. Valencia Says:

    Hahahhaha ok noted, Pris! thou we were thinking it would be really nice to be there during those days…..but will def choose to be wisez;-)

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