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December 22, 2009

Its the most wonderful time of the year….

December 22, 2009

I found this

December 21, 2009

Instructions for....


Went to Biopolis for Rae’s graduation concert and saw this great invention in the ladies. Its wonderful especially for little girls who are not at the height to semi-squat and are not comfortable to sit on public toliet seats. I’ve been carrying disposable toilet seats for Rae’s use,  especially if we can’t find the traditional squat pots. They should start implementing these wonderful inventions all over the island.


Christmas Dinner at The Choo’s

December 20, 2009

The menu

Of roast chicken, salads, tri-colour potatoes and honey ham with home-made apple sauce


with great friends!


The wish bone!


The most wonderful gift! Handmade by Bobby (Leave me a message if you are keen to order one of these rustic and unique lamps to light up your homes. Bob does customization.)

Rae’s first solo performance ~ 13th Dec 2009

December 16, 2009

Soloist in the making!

Orientation day

December 9, 2009

Okay, I realised this is waaaay overdue and I have many reasons for this tardy update but never mind.

Hubba, Rae and I trotted down in the new car to Wild Rocket for lunch on the day of Rae’s P1 Orientation for 2 reasons ~ 1) we love the pasta and desert there and 2) we need a proper, legal parking place as there’s literally no parking lots near the school compound.

The little kids were seated in the front of the hall accordingly to their class and the parents behind, also accordingly to class 🙂  I was a bit anxious and uneasy as I wasn’t sure if Rae would be fine without us as she has tendency to get stress in big, unfamiliar places. After several peeping moments, I realised Rae was as comfortable as can be and was busy looking around, exploring the school with her eyes.  The kids were taken to have a tour of the school by the teachers and big sisters who are assigned to each respective class, while the parents sat on for the orientation and later to the various vendors  located in different classrooms within the school.  As most of what we needed to get/do have all been done prior to the orientation, Hubba and I pretty much have nothing to do except get her uniforms. While trying to do decide how many to get (size was a non-issue as even the XXS was too big for Rae), we spotted our neighbour! Apparently, their eldest daughter was from here too and had great fun being in this school  Couple of weeks later, we met this couple and the little girl again at our lift lobby and chatted further.

During the orientation, we had a chance to meet with the Principal of the student care centre and spoke briefly.  She’s a young, enthusiastic and helpful lady and her team of teachers seems really nice too. I mean, I’ve heard so much about this centre and everyone says such good things about them and it sure is comforting to know that most of what is said is true.

I enjoyed the orientation, getting to know more about the school and their vision and the best takeaway of the day was that we had made a wise decision with the school choice. We left the school with a good feeling and Rae told us that she’s looking forward to coming to the school and getting to know her new friends!

We’ve also realised that Rae is no longer that shy, timid little girl who were be anxious or panic in unfamiliar ground. She was all smiles, and listened attentively to the teacher/Big sisters while being taken on the tour.  I think my little girl is ready to take on the daunting world of primary school where she’d be trained to be more independent, take on new roles etc etc….I am excited!