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She Ta-bao-ed for us!

April 19, 2010

Last Thursday, Hubba took Rae for her violin class in the afternoon and was pleasantly surprise when Rae presented him with three slices of waffles that she ta-baoed for him from the school canteen. she used the money that she had earned the night before for massaging Hubba and me, forty cents for fifteen minutes of massage.

I am touched.


About R

April 12, 2010

Motherhood is a journey that should have come with a Owner’s Manuel. Went through a rough patch with Rae and finally saw the light yesterday. The light (aka possible cause of patch) came after a painful encounter.

Anyhow, I just want to log down some things about Rae, so I am reminded that my daughter is not yet a teenager nor adult…….

She is only 6 years old as of now.

Rae unpack her student care bag and packs them independently, daily, without any promptings from us.

Rae packs her school bag according to the timetable, and any additional books/items her teachers requests. Again, independently and no promptings from us.

Rae baths all by herself since she turned 4, this includes soaping her body, shampooing and using the hair conditioner, washes her face with the face soap. Towel dry and change in clean clothes.

Rae changes her hand towel (and guest’s hand tower) weekly. By her own initiatives.

Rae changes into her uniform, brush her teeth, wash and apply sun block on her face, comb and use a hair band on her hair, puts on her socks and waits for us to leave the house to take her to school. 

Whenever I am busy in the kitchen or house chores, Rae would keep herself occupied by either reading a book, making a card, drawing or just playing in her room.

Rae never fussed if I take too long to prepare dinner and she has much lesser time to play at the playground or cycle/scooting around the estate. She is just happy that she gets to go down to play.

Rae never complains that her breakfast is always bread spread either with Nutella or PB or just butter.

Rae is sensitive towards people. I was upset recently over a car park incident and was quite shaken, didn’t think she would be affected. But she asked if I needed a hug when we got home….and told me that it was okay.

Rae would just keep quiet when I lose control and yell at her, sometimes for no good reasons. She would even go out of her ways to try to please me in that situation.

Rae is always forgiving and never keep scores.

Rae is kind and has a sweet personality. The other night, she saw that grandma was having difficulty trying to open a soya sauce container; Rae who was sitting on the opposite side of the table asked “ah chor, shall I help you?” 

Rae always comes home with some money from her pocket money, and separates what’s left into savings (piggy bank) and another pile goes into a little coin pouch for tithe on Sunday. No reminders needed.

Sometimes, I forget she is only a child. Sometimes, I placed too high an expectation on her and when she displays the ability of a 6-year-old, I feel ‘disappointed’. And that, is not fair for her.

Sometimes, I need a reminder that my little daughter still needs me to comb her hair, braid it into cutesy plaits and that she is not supposed to be so efficient, she is suppose to still be dependent on me to be mummy.

Sometimes….I need to remember that I only have a small window of time to be needed by my daughter. And that time is now.

Sometimes…..we don’t have all that much time. The time is now.

Destination next……

April 1, 2010