Went to visit a dear friend who is recovering from an operation. I had toyed with the idea of getting her a passé get-well hamper with flowers; but decided against it. I mean she is a flower arrangement expert and so is her 8-year old daughter! Anything less then decent would only embarrass the giver aka me. Instead I went over armed with ohh-so-nutritious-but-ohh-so-yucky-tasting tonics.

She looks good for someone who has just went through some thing so major. Most of all, it’s her strong mental ability to overcome the illness that bowed me over. I am not sure what or how I would feel/be, if I were her.

Anyhow, the irony is…instead of bringing her flowers, I left her home with a beautiful table arrangement! She’s got so many of them all over her huge living room, making the place smell so fresh and heavenly. Now, I wish I have the patience and eye for such artistic work.


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