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New (year) resolution

March 19, 2010

I’ve finally completed one of the task that I set out for myself last year. Yeah well, it’s about 3 months and ten days late,but nonetheless mission accomplished! I am licensed to drive! Several rounds of celebration with my colleagues, Rae & Hubba and my dear sis since the good news. I was so emotional that I reached out to hold the tester’s hands and thanked him. He must have gotten a shock but waved me off to watch the legendary horror movie everyone who passed must watch (video on horrific car accidents etc). Anyhow, I am proud of myself  and still find it hard to believe it. Me? one who has never completed anything in my life…gave up a study course half way through, started tennis and gave up after one session, stopped skating after 2-3 tries, the list goes on. Hyped by this little milestone that’s been reached(not without heartache, tears, grumblings and tantrums). I declared to Hubba that I want to pick up another skill this year, it was between Tennis and Pilates. He kept quiet and I didn’t press him for an answer. While holidaying in Penang the last few days, Hubba finally spoke. Told me how he feel about my idea to pick up another skill. He wanted me to rest, just relax and cruise this year. Its been a tough year on me both emotionally and physically which only Hubba and a few close friends are aware of what I was going through.

I’ve never really set a goal or target on myself as I think it’s really torturous and silly to impose such on oneself. But having gone through last year (baptism, Rae’s primary school project and driving and some other random family matters), I was so inspired to learn another skill or pick up another hobby. Why let another year go by fruitlessly? I asked myself. But, I have been neglecting my health,  my mind and my soul. I have decided! If there’s any time in my life that I take time out on other things for myself, this would be it.

I am going to restart my jogging because I no longer need to take time at night for driving lessons. I am going to read (and complete) more books this year, because I am so lack of new words to use in my blog (why, I can’t even find clever lines to write on my Facebook!!!), also because I want to be inspired by others through their writings/stories. I want to pamper myself more by scheduling time for facial (have been on medication thus this has taken a hiatus), massage, manicures (pedicures have been a must and will remain so), try new beauty products for face, hands and body! I want to eat healthy and will explore more interesting and nourishing recipes to try out. I want to scrap more because it makes me happy and also because I have soooooo much scrap materials! I want to bake more with Rae because she and I enjoy baking, together. I want to spend more time outdoors having fun, picnicking, cycling  or just lazing by the pool and spending quality, relaxing time with my family. I also want to travel more and not just for shopping trips but relaxing resort trips or binge-ing trips like the one we just did, where the agenda was just eat, sleep, swim, eat, nua, sleep and the cycle continues. 

I think I am ready. So 2010, here I come!


A Taste of Paradise

November 10, 2009

Rae and I


The people who brought me my very lovely birthday lunch. The two people who are most important to me and whom I love to bits....



The very creamy and tasty soup


The wasabei prawns which totally scored!


The xiao long baos which Rae walloped 3 out of 4


My all time fave ~ Sweet & Sour Lychee pork. totally overpriced but worth every single penny


The melt-in-your-mouth cod fish


Guess what's inside?


Runny, warm salted egg yorks!


She who stuffed her little face with tons of xiao long baos!

Oppps and I forgot to take pixs of the Ee Fu noodle which was really unique in taste.

Busy as bee

October 29, 2009

Carol’s grumbling about my lack of updating this space, been so terribly busy at work (just ended a 6-day training programme and starting another 7-day program come next Tuesday). Massive event management and coordination on me, and Boss had a talk with me this morning “Val, you must not be pai say to delegate!” And she proceeded to tell the rest of team “Team, (pointing to me) here’s a super busy department (errr there’s just me) and I want everyone to display your team work spirit.” Hah! By the time, I tell them what I need help with, I would have completed the task myself and no worries about having to correct anything.  Then again, I do need to learn to let go and delegate work. A colleague laughed at me yesterday and said that I must be the busiest part-timer ever hahahahah…sadly, she’s right.

Ok, give me another week and I’d be back to blogging more frequently. I promise.

The day I got my heart scanned!

August 18, 2009

The Boss made the appointment and gave me orders to leave work at 330pm today….to see her husband’s cardiologist…after I told her about my tightness in chest over the weekend.

Dr Alfred Cheng, is a tall man with a English accent and great personality. He was professional yet assuring and comforting in his ways. He was very certain (within the first 5 seconds he met me) that we should not have anything to worry about (about me having heart problems). But to be sure, he ordered a series of tests….

~ Heart scan:”just like how they scan your baby. Its not intrusive and painless” True enough and it was quite weird to hear my frog-like heartbeat over the speakers. I haven’t enough guts to look at the scan on the pc though.

~ ECG: ahh the usual

~ Treadmill: Had tons of wires taped on me, the blood pressure machine strapped on my arm. Wore the tiniest tee they could find, which was still still over-sized (a 10 year old Terry Fox run t-shirt which looked really new) and had to do a double knot on the huge running shoe, to prevent it from slipping. Dr Cheng came in at the last part of my jog and was really amazed to see me jogging without breathlessness and told me to have fun. Even the nurses were impressed and told me that some younger man who came earlier, couldn’t even manage the brisk walk mode!

At the end of the torture session, Dr Cheng sat me down to explain the reports. I don’t have heart attack(contrary to what I had believed), in fact, I have a very strong heart with no blockage whatsoever (no heart attacks for sure!) and my heart valves are working fine. In fact, I don’t even fit thinly through the profile of high risk people. He prescibled me ….”ta dang’ gastric pills!!!!! Good thing the company is paying for it,otherwise I would feel even worst (apart from feeling like an air head) after listening to his diagnosis.

Anyhow, at least I got my heart checked. I’ve always harbour thoughts, especially when I go jogging or late at night, that my heart might just give way and I’d never open my eyes to see my daughter again. So that’s one thing down, but I still need to get to the roots of the tightness in my chest and irregular heart beats every now and then. Detailed blood test is up next!

A timely message

August 15, 2009

Extracted from Proverbs 31 ministries daily devotions which I’ve subscribed to and benefitted tons from..This one came at a time when I am feeling lost and failour in my role as a mum/wife. Timely as I’ve just lost my cool yesterday over something that deserves my losing my cool, but it escalted out of my control.  

Read on and I hope you’d be blessed by it too!

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24 (NIV)I threw up my hands in despair, and sighed with a dramatic and disgusted exhale of breath. At that moment, all five of my children were the focus of my frustration. I was tired of correcting the same behaviors, the same tones of voices, and the same irresponsibility from the same children. It had not been a good day, and I told them so –individually and collectively – in not-so-nice terms.

The lecture ended and they all went their own way, as upset and annoyed as me. Instead of changing their behaviors and attitudes, the negativity went underground. We were like a simmering pot, ready to blow its lid. My angry response only exacerbat ed the problem, not helped it. What I wanted was for them to get along, speak kindly to each other and do their chores respectfully. What I got was more of the same.

As I returned to my own chores, I realized how ineffective my tirade had been in achieving my true goals. While I got them to stop bickering momentarily, I hadn’t really made an impact on their hearts. In fact, I’d done more harm than good by not modeling gentle and respectful words. The rest of the day confirmed the truth: I’d not brought out the best in my children. I just stamped down the bad for a while. My children are not so different from me. I know how I feel when someone speaks in an angry tone to me. It certainly doesn’t spur me on to show kindness to them. In fact, I tend to take my frustration out on someone else. That’s just what happened in my family that day. We had a domino effect of irritation.

As a mom, I have an opportunity to bring out the best in my children. But it consistently means I have to bring out the best in me. I can’t model impatient behavior and expect my kids to learn patience. I can’t model a self-focused lifestyle and expect my kids to learn how to serve others. Nor can I model an ultra-busy schedule and expect my kids to find time for God in theirs. Spurring my children on to greater love and good deeds means they need to learn it by watching and listening to me.

Sweets for my sweet….

August 1, 2009
Cranberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting

Cranberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting

Baked lovingly by Rae and I…..