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Playdate with the Michelles

November 9, 2009



Lovey dovey




July 17, 2009

Brought Rae to Jenny’s today for play date today after her violin class at Forum, and boy, was it fun!

First up, little Chloe came running towards me to give me a welcome hug when we first got there, followed by a nice lunch of pizzas, then the whole afternoon of watching ‘cartoon’. By cartoon, I meant the kids playing. Its was just pure joy and super hilarious to watch them play, watch how ragged and garung little Chloe is.  In some play through the afternoon, Rae could not bring herself to join in because the brother and sister went mad and was really over the top with their spinning/screaming(in joy) and rough play. She just looked on at them with a smile on her face and only join in when she feels ‘safe’ hahahhhaha 

I had great fun too, just spending time with a good friend and watching our kids play harmoniously. As usual, time spent with Jenny is often rejuventing and comforting, and almost all the time, I leave with a good feeling about myself. Jenny has a way to make problems seems minuate, and can always identify with my fears and worries which makes me feel human and normal. As I’ve always said, I sincerely dread the day Jenny and family moves away from Singapore. Sure hope that day won’t be too soon.

Birthday playdate with her best friend

November 30, 2008


They played for 3 hours straight at this tiny-with-just-one-flimsy-slide play area located within the Japanese Marche-theme restaurant.  The hats they wore are made by Rae the night before, and she calls them “farmer’s hats”.

Poor Rae got really sick that night.


October 29, 2008

Too cute for words and the interaction between Antoine and Rae are just too sweet for any description.

MacRitchie reservoir is nice for picnic, better then Botanic Gardens at least that’s what I feel. Its not half as crowded, and the people that are at the reservoir are friendlier. Kids had so much fun and Jenny and I had a good time chatting too. As it was not crowded we were not stressed by other rowdy kids or worried about our kids being a  nuisance to the others. Perfect place for future playdates!