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6th birthday celebration

October 24, 2009

All’s set and ready to roll, just pending caterer and ordering the cake and stuffing the goodie bag! All the invitation has gone out and we hope people will read and RSVP on time (heard horror stories recently about no RSVPs and/or RSVPs on the event day itself!!)

This year, we’ve decided to have a grander party to mark the end of her kindy years (and sort of farewell to her friends) and a celebration to the start of another phrase in Rae’s life. I guess for most parents and kids these days, what we’ve planned may not be considered grand but ordinary. But both Hubba and I believe in not over-giving to our child least gifts becomes a norm and not something precious or treasured. We didn’t grow up with lavish birthday parties(at most, a nice big bowl of hot mee sua smelling strong of chinese wine and top it off with a hard boiled egg), but look at us, we turned out fine. So, lavish parties are not a neccessaity, nor a given but a gift in itself. It isn’t a representation of how much we love our child or how important he/she is to the parent.   Okay, it sounds like I am defending ourselves.

So, its gonna be real fun, I hope. Instead of hiring a magician cum balloonist ( I was told they double up these days), Hubba wanted a retro party and went ahead to book a ventriloquist cum balloonist (hahahha how retro!). So that’s the ‘show’ part, and the kids are welcome to come take dip in the pool prior to the show to cool down and hopefully tired them out a bit so they are calmer for the rest of the party time. It’s going to be a 3 hour affair! Thank goodness for clubhouse, I think we’d both be so traumatized if we had to house 30 kids in our little apartment!!!!

I have one more training to prepare for and after that, I’d be able to concentrate on planning the goodie bags/make a decision on where to order cake and our impending holiday to HK, which I am really looking forward to.