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Return of the jolly Christmas

November 11, 2009

The streets of Orchard are all laced with glitter balls, reindeers perched on lampposts, flourescent tubes hanging from trees, and big fat Santa sits by the ERP machine. Christmas is approaching and thanks to APEC, we get to have the light-up very much earlier this year (and very much nicer decor too).

Some two weeks ago, Hubba played Christmas carols on the player while we had dinner (usually its classical music) and I mentally braced myself for more to come in the weeks ahead. Its his favourite time of the year ~ Christmas and although I can relate to that as would most people. His enthusiasm is a little too much to bear sometimes. Like, playing Christmas songs as early as mid-october to planning the pilgrimage to Tanglin Mall for the ‘snow’.  Very soon, the Christmas tree will be sitting in the corner of our dinning room, red ribbons and shiny little hearts draping the lamps and shelves in the living room, wrapped up presents stacked up by the tree…..way ahead of time.

Well, its special this year though, we’d be flying out on Christmas Eve and I am excited about having a real Winter Christmas then anything else. Hubba must be looking forward to it too, he bought himself a scarve last Friday and took us to see and bought Rae’s scarve and knitted headwear at Zara yesterday.  He even wanted to buy her a quilted jacket, all because the weather (worldwide) seems to have gone haywire and he’s worried that she will be freeze cold in Hong Kong!!!
Errr….. I only have a Burberry scarve (which I can’t remember where I kept) and an oversize Adidas jacket, perhaps I should go get some myself too


A Taste of Paradise

November 10, 2009

Rae and I


The people who brought me my very lovely birthday lunch. The two people who are most important to me and whom I love to bits....



The very creamy and tasty soup


The wasabei prawns which totally scored!


The xiao long baos which Rae walloped 3 out of 4


My all time fave ~ Sweet & Sour Lychee pork. totally overpriced but worth every single penny


The melt-in-your-mouth cod fish


Guess what's inside?


Runny, warm salted egg yorks!


She who stuffed her little face with tons of xiao long baos!

Oppps and I forgot to take pixs of the Ee Fu noodle which was really unique in taste.

Birthday dinner at Crystal Jade Palace

November 9, 2009

The girlfriends


The salad Prawns


The Black pepper Beef

Playdate with the Michelles

November 9, 2009



Lovey dovey